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Edutrix - Let's Grow the Solution

Every day, we’re surrounded by impressive amounts of information while we do our best to overcome challenges. Have you ever thought about how easy it would be if you’d knew exactly how to use this information to your advantage?

Here, at Edutrix, we’ll show you how to use critical thinking and information to increase your potential and to efficiently conquer challenges. We’re a team of passionate and experienced professionals who strongly believe that the success of organizations and individuals resides in the proper use of knowledge. Take a look at our services:


Consultative Training

Either you’re an individual or an organization seeking to achieve more, Edutrix provides you with a range of 40+ intensive training programs on specific niche markets, designed by a professional team with strong backgrounds in the related fields.


Intelligence Products

Our nerdy team loves to put up some complex intelligence products for your company, so you can make better strategic decisions. Market analysis, competitive environment analysis, net assessment (and many more) are no strangers to us.



We provide custom consulting programs for your company, with a focus on competitive intelligence, organizational intelligence, management of priviledged information, and other relevant key-topics for improving your strategic management.


Corporate Events

Either you want to reward or to develop your employees, or you dream of new business partnerships, corporate events are the key. We tamed the secrets of networking, so we took it upon us to provide you with successful events for your company.

There is no such thing as a unique solution for any challenge you might have, waiting to be discovered. Let’s grow it together.

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Quick Facts

What We Stand For

At Edutrix, we strive to constantly expand our knowledge so we can nurture individuals and organizations to fulfill their potential and to achieve their highest goals on the journey.

Information Driven

Our work is always based on unbiased information, as we are headed to help companies and individuals establish fact-based decision making.

Science-based approach

We always approach training and consultancy from a transdiciplinary perspective, using solid, science-based models and methodologies to deliever the best services.

State of the art

We’re always up to date regarding the newest developments in business related fields, as well as training, consulting and technology. What we do is well into the 21st century, and we can't wait for the 22nd.

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